The Lining dilemma and how to save yourself time and money by choosing the right plasterboard first time.

  • Are your Internal Linings cracking?
  • Are their dents, scrapes or marks in your walls?
  • Do you have a problem with mould or dampness on your walls and ceilings?
  • Or is sound transference your issue?

A lot of these problems can be easily eliminated during the building process by choosing the right type of Lining for the job.

There are many types of building boards used to line the internal walls of a building, the most common being Plasterboard.

The benefits are that it is more economical, has a lightweight construction, is easy to install and is available in a range of sizes including long sheets to minimise joints.

How ever not all Plasterboard is constructed the same and some hold more beneficial properties than others.

Types Of Plasterboard

  1. Standard Plasterboard – is plasterboard made from a core of gypsum sandwiched between two layers of heavy duty recycled paper.
    Water Resistant
  2. Plasterboard (WR) – is a water resistant plasterboard designed for use in internal wet areas and as a substrate for tiles. WaterShield is lined with recycled blue paper.
  3. Fire Rated Plasterboard – is a fire resistant plasterboard for internal lining applications where a Fire Resistance Level (FRL) is required.
  4. Sound Rated Plasterboard – is a plasterboard with a high density core providing excellent sound insulation for residential and commercial applications. Used in wall and ceiling systems, SoundShield creates superior levels of acoustic comfort.
  5. Impact Resistant – Impact Resistant Gypsum Panels are a specialty application product that consists of a high-density, mold and moisture-resistant, Type X core covered both front and back in either heavyweight paper facers or tough fiberglass mats. In addition, a reinforcing fiberglass mesh is embedded into the panel’s core near the back of the product to give it increased resistance to penetration.
  6. Tru Rock (Combination) – is the lining of choice for safe and high performance commercial construction. The perfect all round plasterboard, TruRock incorporates impact, water and fire resistance as well as sound insulating properties. Durable and easy to handle TruRock is economical and ideal for multi-purpose applications.

As you can see there is a specific Plasterboard designed for each construction purpose and choosing the right one will make a huge difference it can provide significant cost, labor and maintenance savings because of its life-cycle efficiency and other important benefits.